There are a billion unwritten books out there. There are a million that have been written, but not published. Amazing stories with limited access.

Here at Lyvit publishing we are looking for the real, raw talent that lurks in the spare room of every aspiring writer and giving it a voice. Our books aren’t mass produced and censored to fit the bill of the critics – we have hard hitting writers who can really make some noise. Issues are solved, stress is destroyed, talent is heard.

The meaning of life is to Lyvit.

“As someone who loves reading I find it really quite shocking and appalling that it is so hard for writers to get their books into bookshops. There should be more overt support for local writers. Maybe even a small shelf in each chain store. Or small section. Who are the book buyers? Is there a requirement that they support proper lit rather than buying up masses of the usual pulp crap? How many amazing books have been written that I’ve never heard of, dammit? Why are reviewers just reviewing the usual crap given to them by large publishing houses only? They have monopolies and its like the mafia! You dont get this in music…magazines would review small gigs and music sent in…you don’t get that in films with small budget films exposed to large audiences with reviews and festivals galore. So why do a few large publishing houses rule the world of literature!? Hey?”

– Raj Sonecha