Kerry Vincent

Kerry Vincent was born in Constantine, a small Cornish village between Falmouth and Helston, and still lives there today.

She is busy looking after her eight (yes, eight!) young children during the day, but enjoys writing poetry in the evenings. Her husband thinks it’s great – no more soaps!

‘Kids, White Coats and Stethoscopes’ is her first book – a collection of poetry – some of which focuses on her hypochondria that has affected her since having her children. She hopes it may be of help to others.

Alya Bessex

Alya Bessex is another Helstonian. His books are his first published work, although he enjoys writing screenplays in his spare time. He also enjoys spending time with his family and fixing his car, an ongoing project with ‘no apparent end’.

He has been on a long and winding career path working mainly as a sales assistant for a number of retailers, but also venturing into his own businesses from time to time.

His dream is to live in Hawaii with a yacht and a garage full of fast cars, which he admits is as likely as finding a five pound fifty note. Before he makes it there, Alya is happy with his relatively stress-free life.

David Coad

David Coad was born in Canterbury, Kent, in February 1969. He moved to Cornwall in 1990 and has lived in Helston, Hayle and Redruth. He has done various jobs over the years.

It was while he was working as an injection moulder that he met his friend and artist Sarah Peters in 2001. He now works as a teaching assistant in Truro.

He began writing short stories in 1995 and poetry in 1997. He has had poems published in 2 books called Twilight Musings and Songs Of Honour. ‘Vibrant Eons’ is his first collection of poems. He lives happily with his wife Clare in Shortlanesend, near Truro.

Mark Hendy

Mark Hendy

Mark Hendy was born and raised in South Devon. After completing his studies at Cardiff University, he returned to his roots and attempted to find a career. Mark has been a gardener, a painter, an accounts manager, he even worked for Deborah Meaden for a bit.

He moved to London in 2006, and started to make plans to turn his hobby of writing into something more substantial. He now works freelance – writing for websites, comics, and singer/songwriters. He has a column in The Anxious Times, and presents writing and publishing workshops.

In his spare time, Mark likes to collect unicorn tears and broken dreams. He also plays guitar, but alas – he cannot sing.

Terry Lander

Terry Lander was born in Cornwall and has lived in Helston all of his life. He took part in the Flora Dance during his school life, returning to watch in subsequent years. Terry started writing poetry in 2005 and has been published in a small number of anthologies including ‘101 Poets For A Cornish Assembly’, ‘Metverse Muse’ in India and ‘Poetry Cornwall’, a subscribers magazine edited by Les Merton.

By day Terry poses as an electrician, one of many ‘careers’ that he has embarked on since leaving college. Before his present position, he had been a retail assistant, a trainee loan account manager, a bank cashier, a payroll clerical assistant, a trainee pharmaceutical assistant, a payroll clerical assistant (again), a clerical assistant in a different department and a mobile inventory control assistant. He was glad to complete the training for his current employment so that he was no longer referred to as a ‘trainee’ or ‘assistant’.

His hobbies include karate, six-a-side football in the local league, running a part-time disco and taking part in the annual Gweek Pantaloons pantomime productions. He is happily married and lives with his wife and three children in Helston.

Terry’s writing C.V.