This year is set to be yet another busy year in the Lyvit Publishing calendar with two new authors set to join the team, another creative collection from Penair School and the first book for children from me. 

All will be available either from the Lyvit shop or via email,

Many thanks to the following pledgers who have moved the crowdfunder to 18% –

Claire Atkins

Sean and Dan Campbell from 90 Days Novel

We’re into the last week of the Crowdfunder so please spread the word as it won’t be funded unless it reaches 100%.

Many thanks to the following pledgers who have moved the crowdfunder to 14% –

Tiernan Douieb

Jeff W


There’s still plenty of time to get rewarded for your support.

Many thanks to the following pledgers who took the crowdfunder from 0% to 11% –

Kate Budd

Gemma Strong

Helen Lander

Hetty Bridges

Debbie Fry

Becky James

Helen Ruse

Barry Lander

Julia Hughes

There’s still time to bag some bargain books and pledges start from just £1. Everyone will end up on this page so please spread the word!

Firsts is a scratch play brought to you by Lyvit Productions that will be performed for a very small audience on August 18th at 14:00 in Heartlands, Cornwall (Tin Room).

Tickets are available here:

“Join Sweeps, Mutton, Smudger, Miss French, Ex-captain Blanch and Trowel on the front line for a super afternoon of chuckles, belly laughs and dodging those awful bullets that keep flying over.

Marvel at Dagger’s skillful way with carpentry tools on his patients and swoon as Benny’s hideous injury takes the shine off an otherwise jolly afternoon. It’s fun for all the family as we’ve replaced the word ‘testicles’ with ‘plums’ to make it suitable for children of all ages. With no costumes, scenery or props to get in the blasted way it’s shaping up to be a spiffing scratch play and at just £2.50 a ticket, less than a bottle of distilled rats’ blood, you’ll be wondering if you can go round again.”

Fat Guy Runs A Marathon, my tenth book, will be available from August 1st from the usual places.

Melanie Drew’s book, Beyond A Joke, is available right now.

David Coad has put together a new Penair book and has also been third party for a Penair Partner Primaries project, both of which are in the process of being printed.

Alya Bessex is no longer single and has found a title for his new book which could be available as early as September.

“Firsts”, our scratch play at Heartlands, has tickets left for £2.50 each.

I was also meant to be publishing a Big Art book by a French photographer named Léon but his model, Giselle, pulled out at the last minute. True story.

Alya and Mary Lander have been working tirelessly to promote all this activity, big thanks to both.

Lyvit Productions is now open for business. Our first scratch play, appropriately titled “Firsts”, is a comedy surrounding the troops of a trench during WW1. As it is a scratch production there will be no costumes, sets or props to distract the viewers, however it is appropriately priced at just £2.50 per ticket.

Tickets are available right now from the shop –

Please read the small number of terms and conditions before paying for your seat. A waiting list will be in place when all seats are sold.

This year we have been particularly busy behind the scenes and have released a book by the pupils of Parc Eglos School following the success of the two Penair books. No sooner had I delivered the copies to the school did I get the raw file for the next Penair book, a joint venture between Penair and Pencalenick Schools. This should be ready in a couple of months, after which you can see the finished cover design here:

The marathon training continues and I am still collecting to raise my target via JustGiving and a charity auction to be held in a couple of weeks. Hopefully my experiences of going from zero to marathon will allow me to produce a book to inspire those who have never taken up running and think it’s too late to start. In the meantime I’m updating my blog as regularly as possible here:

As ever thanks for keeping in touch.

I have been updating my marathon progress in a blog, which you can find here:

I’m also about halfway through another blog regarding the close nature of apparently special occasions and how they all seem to pile up on top of each other, making them seem less special. That’s here:

New readers to both are very welcome. The second is running throughout 2012, hence the ‘halfway through’ comment.

It finally happened. After six years of applying for the Virgin London Marathon ballot I decided to increase my chances of getting a place by applying to run for a charity. I thought this meant that, after the ballot places were picked in October, they would get in touch to let you know if you had been successful or not. Unfortunately St John Ambulance were very keen and so I have secured a place immediately which means I have no excuse not to start training.

This is good news in a way as it means I can build up slowly and try to pick up the pace closer to the time. However, as my Just Giving page suggests, I am a fat guy running a marathon so therefore have a lot of training to do. I’m also not inclined towards running unless it’s towards a burger van or away from barking dogs.

With this in mind I would be very grateful to all who donate through my fundraising site at Just Giving. I will endeavour to keep you updated on my progress via Twitter (@Lyvit). Thank you in advance.