The Cornish Bridesmaids


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‘THE CORNISH BRIDESMAIDS’ tells the story of three girls from different generations, linked together by love.

Eloise, born in the 1930’s, was like thousands of other children, torn away from her family and evacuated from London at the start of World War II in 1939.

Along with a school friend and teacher she was billeted to a tiny coastal village in South West Cornwall. Slowly, with their support and that of her Cornish guardian, she settles into her new life. There is even an invitation to be a bridesmaid to cheer her up.

Then, disaster strikes and the story moves to the present day and another bridesmaid, Kristin, who introduces the story. These two characters have a strong connection and through this comes a third girl, Ruth, who had for many years been searching for the sister she only discovered in her teens.

Two separate photographs of the same girl, taken in different time zones, finally bring together these three people and the conclusion of this mystery.


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